Find out all about the Eco Rangers. These champions for change know that it takes more than super power. It takes courage to stand up to a mega corporation’s industrial pollution… and courage to stand up to a friend who litters.

Do you have what it takes to be an honorary Eco Ranger? Find out now! Take the Eco Quiz and join the ranks of Recyclo, Lynx, Litter-X and Sky, as our planet’s first line of defense against pollution.

What were Recyclo, Lynx, Litter-X and Sky like before they got their super powers? Were they just as crazy about the environment without their abilities? How did these powers find them? Discover the origins of the Eco Rangers.



News is quickly spreading of the scientist who came from another time to create a team of grime-fighters. Can his team prevent the future horrors that he has seen? PIKITUP has an exclusive interview with the environmental expert from the future, Professor Tempo.